Universität Passau


The University of Passau (UNI PASSAU) in Germany was founded in 1978. The University of Passau has been growing steadily and fast with a very strong international bias. It offers, e.g., a European Studies Programme, fosters active partnerships and exchange programmes with approximately 120 Universities world wide. In the German CHE-Ranking the computer science faculty repeatedly ranks among the top universities in Germany. A further strong characteristic of the University of Passau is the interaction between academia and industry. This will offer excellent opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge and research results both to academia, SMEs and to leading industrial partners. This has been underlined by the University winning the German Data Centre Award 2012.

Competencies: The Computer Networks and Computer Communication (CNACC) research group, headed by Prof. Hermann de Meer, is part of the Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics at the University of Passau. Main research fields are network virtualization, self-organising systems, IT security, safety, and energy-efficiency. University of Passau’s research excellence has been demonstrated within numerous nationally and internationally funded projects, e.g., G-Lab_Ener-G and inSel (funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research), FIT4Green, AutoI, ResumeNet, Socionical, or All4Green (all funded by the European Union within the 7th FP). The university is a member of the EINS Network of Excellence and of the EU COST Action IC804 (Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems). Within some of those projects, strong ties have been built already to both Lancaster University and AIT.

Main tasks: The main tasks of the University of Passau in the HyRiM project will be focused in the area of perimeter protection enhancements. This research field offers on the one hand the opportunity to use the already present excellence of the university in this area, which was already a major focus in other projects, while on the other hand extending the knowledge into utility network facilities and infrastructures. In addition, the University of Passau will take major responsibility in the dissemination of the HyRiM results by leading and contributing to the scientific and standardisation activities.