LINZ AG is run as an Austrian management-holding with four operative multi utility subsidiaries and with one Service Company for the city of Linz and parts of Upper Austria. A contemporary, market-oriented corporation was developed, in order to conserve costs and to secure profits through the exhaust of synergy-potentials. In addition, the foundation for the future orientation as a “multi-utility supplier” was created. The corporate structure contains the following entities:

  • The LINZ AG for Energy, Telecommunications, Public Transport, and Community Services LTD is run as an active management-holding with four operative subsidiaries and with one service subsidiary.
  • LINZ STROM GmbH for Power Generation, Trade, Services and Telecommunications is responsible for the fields of energy production and distribution, for sales, and for telecommunications.
  • LINZ GAS/WÄRME GmbH for Natural Gas and for the Supply of Heat is responsible for the supply of gas, district heating, and for the provision of installation services.
  • LINZ LINIEN GmbH for Local Transport is responsible for all areas of local transport.

LINZ SERVICE GmbH for Infrastructure and Community Services is responsible for the infrastructure supply with water, the disposal of waste water and refuse, community services, such as the harbor, public pools as well as funerals and cemeteries.