HyRiM at European Utility Week 2016

By | November 21, 2016

hub_session_audienceOn  November 15th 2016, the HyRiM project participated in the European Utility Week 2016 in Barcelona, the biggest event on upcoming developments and technologies in the fields of utility networks, energy services and efficiency as well as smart infrastructures in Europe. In this setting, HyRiM organized the project’s 2nd End User Workshop and also chaired a HUB Session on Security Frameworks to Prevent Hacking the Grid as well as panel discussion on New Forms of Cybersecurity Risks to European Energy Utilities.

The 2nd End User Workshop was a half-day event presenting the leading edge results of the HyRiM project. The main focus was laid on the HyRiM use cases, which are evolving around differne threats from the areas of smart grids, oil refining and water supply infrastructures. Further, the speakers from the project team gave a first impression of the methodologies and technologies that will be used to realize these use cases in the final phase of the project.

As an extension to the End User Workshop, experts from the HyRiM project were chairing and participating in a HUB Session in the afternoon of November 15th. Therein, the technical and user perception on novel threats for utility providers was discussed and an overview on the HyRiM Risk Management Process was presented. In a final panel session, the audience was able to involve in a discussion with the experts on upcoming challenges in the areas of risk and security management for the utilities from different sectors.

During the workshop as well as the HUB Session, the HyRiM project members had the chance to get in touch with experts from several technology providers and utility organizations to exchange further ideas and discuss possible future collaborations. The third and final HyRiM End User Workshop will take place in summer 2017 towards the end of the project and focus even more on the use cases and demonstrations together with the exploitation and standardization of the project’s results.

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Introduction and Overview
Resilience Architecture
HyRiM Risk Management Process
Operational Risks from Cyber Attacks
Use Case Water Supply
Use Case Surveillence Systems in the Refinery
On Demand Surveillance Simulation
Use Case Ransomware Attack
A Game Theoretic Risk Assessment Tool
Optimal Maintenance Strategy